Study: Nearly 1 In 3 Americans Are Arrested By Age 23

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A Pediatrics study found that nearly one in three people will be arrested by the time they reach age 23, marking a sharp increase from a similar study done 44 years ago that found only 22 percent of youth would be arrested by age 23. One criminologist says that the increase reflects tougher crime policies as now “youth may be arrested for drugs and domestic violence, which were unlikely offenses to attract police attention in the 1960s.” The study only excluded minor traffic offenses, so arrests for “truancy, vandalism, underage drinking, shoplifting, robbery, assault and murder” were all counted. University at Albany-SUNY Prof. Megan Kurlychek notes that the increase in arrests is “troubling because the records will follow them as adults and make it harder for them to get student loans, jobs and housing.