Occupy Orlando Protester Spends Three Weeks In Jail For Writing With Chalk On The Sidewalk

Occupy Orlando protester Timothy Osmar was finally released Wednesday after nearly three weeks in a Florida jail. His crime? Writing with pink chalk on the sidewalk. The 25-year-old was writing protest slogans like “the revolution will not be televised” and “This is not graffiti. It’s democracy” in chalk last month. Police arrested him for violating a city ordinance that prohibits “writing or painting advertising matter on streets or sidewalks.” The city prosecutor dropped the charges a day after his release. Osmar hopes to convince the police to stop arresting people for using chalk: “It’s something that I feel, and that a lot of rational people think, is our right as citizens…I still believe I did the right thing. I’m OK with being arrested again.” And with that, he returned to City Hall and began writing messages on the sidewalk “about freedom and revolution.”