Romney Assures Undocumented Student He’ll Veto The DREAM Act

An undocumented student confronted Mitt Romney about his opposition to the DREAM Act in New York yesterday, where the GOP front-runner was in town for a fundraiser. Romney has said he would veto the legislation, which would allow a small number of top-tier undocumented students to pay in-state tuition at public universities.

Lucy, who was born in Peru and brought to the U.S. when she was 10, told Romney, “I didn’t come here illegally, and I have a 4.0 GPA.” Romney replied, “that’s wonderful,” but still assured her that he would veto the legislation that Lucy described as “my dream.” Romney staffers then quickly stopped the exchange.

Watch it, via the advocacy organization DRM Capitol Group:

Lucy reported that Romney supporters snickered at her and told her to “go back to Mexico,” even though she wasn’t born there.

The GOP primary has been marked by anti-immigrant rhetoric, and a recent Pew Hispanic Center poll showed Romney losing Hispanic voters to President Obama by a 3:1 margin, far worse than John McCain did in 2008.