Santorum’s Top Issue? ‘Enforcing Laws Against Illegal Pornography’ (Updated)

Rick Santorum has been trying to shed the notion that he’s obsessed with sex and show voters that he has more to offer than hard-line stances on social issues. But, a visitor to his website would be forgiven for thinking otherwise.

Despite the myriad serious issues the country faces, the top item on Santorum’s “Issues” page is “Enforcing Laws Against Illegal Pornography.” The very first post makes ominous claims about pornography’s “profound” negative effect on the brain and society that many Americans would likely find hyperbolic. A screen grab:

Meanwhile, the word “tax” appears only 4 times on the issue page and “job” only 5 times — the same number as “abortion” and fewer than “pornography,” which appears 8 times.

While it’s not clear if the items are listed on the page in any particular order — the campaign did not return a request for clarification — the top-billing pornography gets will likely not help Santorum convince voters that his priorities reflect reality. Although, his stance should come as no surprise as Santorum has signed a pledge vowing to crack down on porn.


Shortly after this post was published, Santorum’s campaign appears to have changed its website, as the section on pornography is now the very last item listed on the “Issues” page. The rest of the page appears unchanged, with the second item, “No More Leading from Behind for America,” moved to top billing. A Google cache version from the page on February 18th shows the original.

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