Perry Says He Is ‘Confident’ Gingrich Agrees With His Book Arguing Social Security and Medicare Are Unconstitutional

ThinkProgress’ Scott Keyes spoke to former presidential candidate Rick Perry, now a Gingrich supporter, immediately after last night’s GOP presidential candidates’ debate. The Texas governor and the former speaker have long been allies in pushing some of the more unusual parts of their agendas. Most notably, Gingrich wrote an effusive forward to Perry’s book Fed Up! which argues that Medicare, Social Security and many other important programs are unconstitutional.

In his interview with Keyes, Perry expressed complete confidence that Gingrich would implement Perry’s tenther constitutional agenda if Gingrich became president:

KEYES: Are you confident that [Gingrich] will adopt those policy recommendations that you proposed [on the Tenth Amendment]?

PERRY: Oh, I am . . . . [Gingrich] doesn’t just talk about the Tenth Amendment, he believes it. And he will, without a doubt.

KEYES: Have you been advising him to adopt your policy recommendations from your book?

PERRY: I don’t need to advise him. I mean, he’s read the book and he’s there.

Watch it:

A short list of the laws that would likely cease to exist under the Perry vision of the Tenth Amendment includes Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and nearly all national laws protecting workers.