Justiceline: March 8, 2012

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  • Students at Wesleyan University plan to protest Justice Antonin Scalia’s visit to their campus this evening. One group of students, who dub themselves “billionaires for Scalia,” will dress up as the kind of well-moneyed person who benefits from Scalia’s vote in Citizens United.
  • The League of Women Voters wants the Supreme Court to declare gerrymandering unconstitutional under the First Amendment.
  • California’s Supreme Court considers whether to take a corporate employer up on its attempt to prevent workers from asserting their rights in court by driving up the cost of losing a case.
  • The FBI is backing away from tracking many suspects with GPS in light of a recent Supreme Court decision suggesting that using such devices without a warrant can violate the Fourth Amendment.
  • Why filibuster reform and campaign finance reform needs to be a top priority in a second Obama term.
  • And, finally, the award for the most absurd headline of the day goes to “Attorneys For Amish Haircutting Mob Argue Hate Crimes Law Is Unconstitutional.”