Roy Moore’s Opponent In Alabama Supreme Court Race Called For ‘Public Execution’ Of Undocumented Immigrants

Earlier this week, disgraced former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore won the GOP primary in the race for his old seat on the state’s highest court. Moore was removed from the same job in 2003 after he defied a court order requiring him to remove a Ten Commandments monument from the state judiciary building.

In November, Moore will face Harry Lyon, a perennial candidate who has run for various state offices as both a Democrat and a Republican. As it turns out, Lyon may actually outdo Moore in the race to find the most inappropriate candidate for a state’s highest court:

Lyon, 54, is a perennial candidate for various offices, including a former Supreme Court candidate as a Republican.

Recently he was quoted by the Montgomery Advertiser as proposing to hang a few illegal immigrants to get the attention of the rest.

My idea is to bring attention to the problem and let the Legislature [and courts] decide,” Lyon said. “I’d give them 90 days to make arrangements to make them leave and if after that, you’d have to go to public execution.

“I admit it does have some shock value,” he said.

Lyon was also once shot in the neck after a neighbor caught him pouring Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup on the neighbor’s car.