Ted Cruz: Vote For Me Because I Helped Execute An ‘Illegal Alien’

Tenther Senate Candidate Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, the Tea Party darling who believes that Medicaid is unconstitutional, has taken a moment from spouting paranoid conspiracy theories about a secret George Soros plan to ban the game of golf to produce his first campaign ad. The ad is not subtle, asserting that Cruz can be relied upon as an uncompromising conservative because he once fought to ensure than an undocumented immigrant would be killed:

When the UN and World Court overruled a Texas jury’s verdict to execute an illegal alien for raping and murdering two teenage girls, Ted Cruz fought all the way to the Supreme Court, and he delivered. . . . Politicians cut deals, principled conservatives deliver.

Watch it:

This marks the second time the United Nations has played a starring role on Cruz’s list of America’s enemies — Cruz claims that the UN is Soros’ co-conspirator in his supposed socialist plot to eliminate golf courses — and, indeed, Cruz’s decision to tout his role in this case says as much about his belligerent approach to foreign policy as it does about his passion for state-sponsored killings.

Contrary to Cruz’s implication, the case that he touts in his ad, a 2008 case called Medellín v. Texas, has nothing whatsoever to do with whether Texas may execute anyone. Rather, Medellín presented the very narrow question of whether Texas must comply with America’s then-existing treaty obligations under the Vienna Convention to inform foreign nationals who are arrested in the United States of their right “to request assistance from the consul of his own state.” Texas flouted this obligation before sentencing a Mexican national to die, but no one in that case questioned Texas’ power to execute someone who had been tried in full compliance with America’s treaty obligations.

It’s worth noting that Cruz’s belief that Texas should simply ignore this treaty places him in very lonely company. Even North Korea honored the Vienna Convention when it took two American journalists captive in 2009.