New Super PAC Aims To Eliminate All Super PACs

A new Super PAC registered with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) yesterday with a name that conveys its unusual mission: America’s Super PAC For The Permanent Elimination of America’s Super PACs (ASPFTPEASP).

Since the 2010 Citizens United and SpeechNow.org ruling created the independent-expenditure-only “Super PAC,” hundreds of such committees have registered. About a quarter of those Super PACs have reported making any independent expenditures, to date — supporting and/or opposing federal candidates.

But ASPFTPEASP appears to be the first committee formed with the mission of self-annihilation. The group’s website lists a two-pronged mission:

America’s Super PACs For the Permanent Elimination of America’s Super PACs will seek to raise awareness of the usage of Super PACs during elections and advise citizens on how to demand (from their respective representatives) that Super PACs be removed from politics.

America’s Super PAC For The Permanent Elimination of America’s Super PACs seeks to call for a constitutional convention where an amendment will be proposed to ensure that corporations are never considered to be people. Why? They’re not. Plain and simple.

Jonathan Rachowicz, who is listed on the group’s official filings as “High Treasurer,” told ThinkProgress that while his group its taking a comical approach, it intends to be a serious effort:

We’re going to fight fire with fire. If we can create a Super PAC with a ridiculous name that creates ridiculous ads, we can show people just how absurd the idea of a Super PAC really is. Once that happens we can really get some change.

Rachowicz said the group hopes to enlist a “high number of people” to compete with the rich who “have a high number of dollars.” Unlike other Super PACs which principally focus on the election or defeat of federal candidates, he says their top issue is “the way in which federal candidates are supported by unlimited funds, which can lead to corruption.”

With Super PACs already roundly despised — and polling showing more America’s believe in witchcraft than agree with the Citizens United ruling — this may be the one Super PAC with whom the vast majority of Americans can agree.