17,000 People Sign Petition Asking Birther-Curious Arizona Official To Investigate Whether Romney Is A Unicorn

Last week, Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, the state’s top elections official, threatened to kick President Obama off the state’s ballot until Hawai’i once again reiterated that Obama was born in that state. In response to Bennett’s flirtation with birtherism, 17,000 people signed a petition asking him to also investigate whether presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is a unicorn. While it remains to be seen whether such an investigation will reveal that the former Massachusetts governor is indeed a fantastical horned beast similar in appearance to a horse, it’s not clear whether Romney would be permitted to run for president if he is indeed a unicorn. The Romney campaign is likely to rely on the candidate’s past statements about corporations, and claim that “unicorns are people, my friend.”