Florida GOP Chair Admits Voter Purge Is Flawed, Says It Must Continue Anyway

Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry

Florida Republican Party Chairman Lenny Curry appeared on MSNBC this morning to defend his party’s decision to purge thousands of voters — many of whom are, in fact, eligible to vote — from the state’s voter rolls. But in the course of doing so, Curry admitted that the data Florida is using is flawed:

CURRY: We’re just ensuring that in Florida, which is going to be a critical swing state which will likely be close, that every individual that casts a ballot is a United States citizen. […] There are certainly some issues with the data.

Watch it:

A 91 year-old decorated World War II veteran and a small business owner in Ft. Lauderdale are just two casualties of the faulty data. In fact, an independent investigation by the Miami Herald found that the largest groups of voters affected by the purge are “Hispanic, Democratic and independent-minded voters.” Already, more than 300 wrongly-targeted eligible voters have been identified in Miami-Dade County alone.

Florida Democrats and civil rights groups have called on Gov. Rick Scott (R) to stop purging voters after it was revealed that the Scott administration was instructing election officials to use flawed data from the state’s motor vehicle administration to crosscheck voters’ eligibility. One Supervisor of Elections told ThinkProgress that the process would certainly result in eligible voters being removed from the rolls.

MSNBC host Thomas Roberts challenged Curry on his claim that non-citizens voting in Florida’s elections are a serious problem, to which Curry offered a story of a single non-citizen who supposedly voted in a past election.

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