West Virginia Acts on GOP Front Group’s Efforts to Force Voter Purges

Election officials in West Virginia may be stepping up efforts to purge voter rolls because a GOP front group threatened to sue the state. In an effort to limit voter turnout this election season, Judicial Watch, in conjunction with True the Vote, has sent letters to a number of states threatening lawsuits and further investigations, and has acted on that threat once, suing the state of Indiana. In both Lincoln and Boone County, election officials are moving to “clean up” voter rolls and prevent a lawsuit. As a first step toward removing voters from the rolls, officials in Boone have mailed 9,100 cards to registered voters, and officials in Lincoln have plans to mail 9,610 more. Officials contend that they are mailing cards to people they believe have moved. Lincoln County Clerk Myrl Gue says he hopes that Judicial Watch will look at the work the county is doing and decide not to sue.

Alex Brown