Conservatives Attack Obama Plan To Stop Deporting DREAMers

This morning, President Obama announced that the U.S. will stop deporting DREAM Act-eligible youth. The move protects one million undocumented students, providing them an opportunity to live and work legally in the country they call home. President Obama’s decision helps the economy by allowing currently undocumented students, who already boost the economy, to build careers in the United States.

Conservatives are enraged. Here’s a roundup of the ten worst conservative attacks (so far):

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who has sponsored his own version of the DREAM Act, said this of President Obama’s decision: “Today’s announcement will be welcome news for many of these kids desperate for an answer, but it is a short term answer to a long term problem. And by once again ignoring the Constitution and going around Congress, this short term policy will make it harder to find a balanced and responsible long term one.”

Ben Sherman