Justiceline: June 21, 2012


60 Plus Association national spokesman Pat Boone

60 Plus Association national spokesman Pat Boone

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  • A Texas bank, along with the Republican-allied 60 Plus Association and the anti-government Competitive Enterprise Institute, filed a court challenge alleging that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau created by the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform is unconstitutional.
  • Yesterday’s 6-3 Supreme Court ruling in the Southern Union case makes it even harder to impose criminal fines against corporations.
  • In another blow to the beleaguered presidential public financing system in the U.S., the Senate voted 95 to 4 to end most public funding for major party political conventions.
  • IRS enforcement of rules preventing tax-exempt religious groups from endorsing political candidates is on the wane, as some clergy push the envelope.
  • And finally, Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock wants to be prepared for the Supreme Court’s upcoming ObamaCare ruling — posting a series of YouTube videos reacting in advance to almost every conceivable outcome.