Romney Adviser Faults Obama For Failing To Pass DREAM Act, Which Romney Pledged To Veto

Throughout the GOP presidential primary, Mitt Romney has repeatedly said that he opposes the DREAM Act and has even pledged to veto the measure if it ever found its way to his desk. But on Sunday morning, Romney adviser Carlos Gutierrez blamed Democrats for the DREAM Act’s failure in Congress:

GUTIERREZ: Before an election, let’s promise something to Hispanics. That bill had things in there that couldn’t get bipartisan support. Republicans said don’t ram that bill now, we’re in the middle of an election year and you did it anyway knowing that it wouldn’t pass. But it didn’t matter, you made the promise, you got the Hispanic vote, and that has been the pattern. This administration has played with Hispanics.

Watch the video:

Romney has dodged questions on President Obama’s recent immigration directive to protect undocumented young adults. Instead, he has promised a “long-term” solution without specifying what that would be, other than policy making undocumented immigrants’ lives so miserable they choose “self-deportation.”

During the Republican primaries, Romney attacked Governor Rick Perry for Texas’ incarnation of the DREAM Act, calling it a “magnet for illegal immigration.” Gutierrez may claim the Obama administration has “played” with Hispanics with the DREAM promise, but his preferred candidate has clarified no plan of his own.