Republican County Clerk Questions Colorado’s Voter Purge Efforts

Larimer County Clerk Scott Doyle (R) is questioning Colorado Secretary of State Scott Gessler’s (R) voter purge program. Gessler has been seeking access to a Department of Homeland Security database in order to check the eligibility of 5,000 registered voters and was granted access to the database last week. But Doyle says that the clerk’s office has a full-time staffer who looks into the validity of voters and he doesn’t think Gessler will find many ineligible voters. “I really don’t know that what the secretary’s office is chasing here is a problem in our voting system, not large numbers,” he said. Doyle also questions whether the purge is worth the cost: “[i]f you’re talking about the expenditure of resources to locate what could be just a couple, I don’t know that it is [worth the trouble].”

Alex Brown