A&M Gunman Had Stockpile Of Firearms, Was A ‘Ticking Time Bomb’

The now-deceased gunman who killed two and injured three in a shootout with police near Texas A&M University on Monday possessed a stockpile of firearms and, according to his mother, was having mental “difficulties.

Reached for a phone interview by the Huffington Post, mother of gunman Thomas A. Caffall said, “The minute I saw the TV I knew it was him. …I’ve been that worried about him.” Caffall’s stepfather agreed in an interview with a local Texas station, where he called the man a “ticking time bomb.”

If Caffall’s Facebook page offers any evidence of the man’s thinking, it is in the photographs of an array of firearms. The gunman posted several pictures of guns in the weeks prior to the shooting. One set of images features a Czech VZ-58, a gun that resembles an AK-47. One shows a Russian Mosin Nagant with a bayonet attachment. And next to another image, which Caffall does not identify, the gunman writes “I won an auction. This will be coming to me soon. I can’t wait to try it out”:

Caffall’s Facebook also lists “inspirational people” including the gun designers Eugene Stoner, Mikhail Kalashnikov, John Garand, Samuel Colt and John Browning

Police have still not released any details on whether Caffall’s firearms were legally obtained, or whether he had any documented history of mental illness that would have disqualified him from being able to purchase such weapons. However, firearm laws in Texas are some of the most lax in the country.