NYPD Muslim Spying Program Only Uncovers Complaints About Anti-Muslim Discrimination

Despite the fact that the New York Police Department’s controversial Muslim spying program has failed to yield any productive leads — and is in fact having a negative impact by fostering distrust between NYPD officials and members of the Muslim community — members of the police force continue to attempt to justify it. As Mother Jones reports, the NYPD official who heads up the department’s surveillance program of Muslim groups cited two specific conversations as evidence that the spying efforts have value. However, those conversations both centered on complaints about bias and discrimination against Muslims. In the first, one man commented he was disappointed that a New Jersey Transit employee who got fired for burning a Quran near Ground Zero had since been rehired. In the second, two men discussed a racial profiling case in Tennessee where imams in religious garb were prevented from boarding a flight. Rather than uncovering critical national security information, the NYPD appears to be uncovering evidence of the negative effects of profiling programs like their own.