Senate Candidate Assumes Women Must Be ‘Talking About Shoes’

Tom Smith must not be banking on women’s votes to win his Senate bid. The Pennsylvania Republican got in hot water last week when he suggested that having a baby out of wedlock is a rough equivalent to to giving birth to a rapist’s child.

Then last week, on the campaign trail, Smith suggested that the only thing two women might have to talk about is shoe shopping. Approaching two women at a campaign stop, Smith called them “girls,” then added:

SMITH: What are we talking about here, two girls together talking?

WOMAN: We’re talking about the power of petite women.

SMITH: My guess would’ve been you were talking about shoes.

Watch it:

After his suggestion about children born out of wedlock, Smith earned himself the title of “The Next Todd Akin,” a reference to the Republican Missouri Senate candidate who suggested women can’t get pregnant from “legitimate rape.”

But anti-woman attitudes are far from limited to candidates such as Akin or Smith. Akin partnered with GOP vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan to cosponsor the bill that introduced the country to the term “forcible rape” — along with most Republican members of the House.