Islamophobic Incidents Hit Ten Year High

Our guest blogger is Jack Jenkins, Writer and Researcher with the Faith team at the Center for American Progress.

The days during this year’s celebration of Ramadan—a holy month for Muslims which began July 20 and ended at sundown on August 18—saw one of the largest spikes in Islamophobic incidents in the United States in a decade. The incidents, which continue to occur, are widespread and often violent, and although some of the perpetrators have been apprehended and charged, most have not been caught. Many cases are still under investigation.

The Center for American Progress has produced an infographic about the ongoing issue, seen below.

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks more than 11 years ago, Muslim Americans – who continuously denounce the violent actions of foreign extremists – and their houses of worship have been subject to threats, vandalism, violence, and even arson. The recent rise in violent targeted crimes against Muslim Americans represents a threat to all Americans and violates core principles on which our nation was founded: religious freedom, the right to worship freely and according to one’s conscience, and tolerance.