Pro-Romney Citizens United Spending Exceeds Pro-Obama Spending Nearly 3 to 1

The five Republican justices’ laissez faire attitude towards campaign finance is a huge boon to GOP candidates, and this is especially true for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. According to the Center for Public Integrity, nearly three-quarters of all outside spending on the presidential race has benefited Romney since Labor Day:

In the immediate wake of Citizens United, many conservatives defended the decision enabling corporations to spend unlimited money influencing elections because the same decision allowed unions to make similar expenditures. The Center for Public Integrity’s data also gives the lie to any claim that union spending can counterbalance money from the GOP’s well-moneyed backers. Of the $217.3 million in total outside group spending since Labor Day, only 1.3 million came from unions.

Both Romney and the Republican Party platform call for Citizens United to be made even worse — they want billionaires to be able to give millions of dollars directly to candidates, one of the few things still forbidden after Romney’s allies on the Supreme Court took the ax to campaign finance law. And a Republican Party lawsuit seeking to weaken campaign finance rules even further is currently on its way to the justices.