NYPD Spied On Muslim Student Association At New York College

The president of a Manhattan criminal justice college that trains thousands of students interested in law enforcement careers expressed outrage over news that the New York Police Department paid a 19-year-old to monitor the college’s Muslim Student Association. In a letter to students and and professors, John Jay College of Criminal Justice President Jeremy Travis cited the department’s policy of only using confidential informants where there is evidence of criminal activity. “There is no evidence, however, that this is the case at John Jay and we have not been advised otherwise,” he wrote. The informant, Shamiur Rahman, revealed to the Associated Press last week that he quit his job as an informant after the NYPD tasked him with spying on Muslims and enticing individuals into criminal acts. Shamiur said he was hired last winter, right around the time when the Associated Press ran an expose on NYPD surveillance of Muslims, prompting critical letters from several other college presidents.