Romney Cuts Ad For A Second Senate Candidate Hostile To Rape Survivors’ Rights

Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND)

Last month, GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney cut an ad calling upon Indiana voters to “join me in supporting Richard Mourdock for U.S. Senate.” Two days later, Mourdock said at a debate with his Democratic opponent that pregnancies resulting from rape are a “gift from God.” Yet, even after this offensive comment, the Romney campaign released a statement indicating that Romney “still support[s]” Mourdock’s bid for the Senate.

This weekend, Romney cut a second ad for another GOP senate candidate, Rep. Rick Berg (R-ND), in which he similarly calls up North Dakota voters to “join me in supporting Rick Berg for Senate.” Like Mourdock, Berg is a hardliner on reproductive freedom who opposes abortion even if a woman is raped. Yet Berg’s views may be even further to the right than Mourdock’s. As a member of the North Dakota House, Berg was one of a handful of members who supported a bill that would make it a felony for a woman who is raped to obtain an abortion.

Watch Romney’s ad supporting Berg: