Arizona Gov. Brewer Considering Unconstitutional Run For Third Term

The Arizona Constitution limits the state’s governors to two consecutive terms. Apparently, the incumbent governor didn’t get the memo about this fact:

Brewer recently told the Arizona Republic that she’s still thinking about challenging the state constitution to run for a third term.

Her spokesman, Matthew Benson, confirmed that the state’s top executive is mulling over a decision but hasn’t made up her mind.

The Arizona Constitution limits governors to just two terms in office. But Brewer’s lawyers say the law doesn’t apply in this case because Brewer took over for Gov. Janet Napolitano in the middle or her second term.

Brewer’s lawyers are wrong. The state constitution provides that “[n]o member of the executive department shall hold that office for more than two consecutive terms. . . . No member of the executive department after serving the maximum number of terms, which shall include any part of a term served, may serve in the same office until out of office for no less than one full term.”