Watch As Gunfire Drowns Out Fox News Segment On Guns

Fox News aired a peculiar segment about higher-than-expected gun sales on Black Friday from a gun store in Randolph, New Jersey on Thursday, interviewing one owner who attributed the spike to President Obama’s re-election and Hurricane Sandy. Reporter Anna Kooiman struggled to speak from a gun shop in Randolph, New Jersey, as loud shots rang out behind her, practically drowning out the correspondent.

The only audible part of the package included gun dealer Rick Friedman, who partly ascribed rising sales to Obama’s alleged efforts to take away people’s fire arms. “Since the election, you’ve had the perfect storm,” Friedman explained. “You had Hurricane Sandy, you had the re-election of Barack Obama and you had people realizing that not only is it their second amendment right, but they may be in a situation where they may need a fire arm to protect themselves.” Watch it:

Firearm dealers swamped the FBI with 155,000 required background checks on Friday, 20 percent more than last year, just as conservatives and the NRA stoke fears that Obama may call for stricter gun laws in his second term. The president has yet to take action after several mass shootings and has even weakened some gun regulation.

At least one Arizona gun shop protested Obama’s re-election earlier this month by posting a sign turning away customers who voted for the president. The owner has since told Fox that “business is booming.”