Citizens Rally In Front Of White House To Demand President Obama Take Action On Gun Control

More than 150 individuals held a vigil in front of the White House this afternoon to grieve for today’s tragic school shooting in Connecticut and encourage President Obama to take real, meaningful action on gun control.

Strangers exchanged hugs and prayed for the victims and their families in the shadow of the White House approximately an hour after President Obama addressed the shooting, fighting back tears in an afternoon statement. Many attendees held signs saying “Enough is enough” and “Today is the day”.

Photos from the event:

Andy Pelosi, a father of two elementary school girls who lives near Newtown, Connecticut, spoke passionately about the tragedy. “No children, no teachers, no staff should have to worry about going to a school in the United States of America and be gunned down,” said Pelosi. “No parent should have to worry when they put their children on a school bus in the morning, like I do and like many of you do, and worry about is my child coming home at the end of the day.”

Watch his remarks: