Oklahoma Will Consider Law Allowing Teachers To Bring Guns To School

Teachers and principals may soon be packing heat in the classroom, if Oklahoma State Rep. Mark McCullough (R) has his way. According to a report by The Oklahoman, the lawmaker “pledged to introduce legislation in the upcoming session to allow principals and teachers who go through training to be able to carry firearms on school property.” McCullough made the now-familiar argument that people intent on mass shootings are unlikely to follow the law:

This sacrosanct notion that we cannot do anything but have gun-free zones is just a fallacy. What we’re dealing with here is people who don’t care. They’ve erased their moral compass. They don’t care about the law, and they are intent on horrific acts.

Oklahoma’s teachers appear to disagree. Ed Allen, president of the Oklahoma City American Federation of Teachers, told The Oklahoman that “Schools can be emotional places at times. Kids can get emotional. Teachers can get emotional. Parents come in emotional. Throw weapons into that mix, and it can be dangerous.” Research backs Allen up: there is very little support for the idea that concealed carry decreases gun homicides, and significant evidence that increasing the spread of guns leads to more death.

Several other state legislatures are considering similar legislation, cheered on by a number of Republicans and pro-gun activists.