Virginia Republican Legislator Actually Wants To Require Concealed Weapons In Schools


Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall (R)

A day after Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R) said he would be open to arming school faculty, a state legislator is taking the idea a step further. Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall (R) has submitted a bill that would not only permit faculty to bring concealed guns into schools, but would require schools have armed staff.

The Washington Post reports:

Marshall’s proposal goes beyond the governor’s comments, which were made in the course of a radio interview Tuesday. Marshall would not only allow staff with concealed handgun permits to carry them in schools, but require school districts to designate some staff members to do so. Those employees would have to be certified in gun safety and competence, Marshall said.

Marshall told the Richmond Times Dispatch, “I’ll bet there are people who have concealed-carry permits in most every school in the commonwealth. They’d be the ones to volunteer to get certified.”

While a growing list of pro-gun lawmakers have indicated that they will reconsider gun control in the wake of Friday’s tragedy, some are using the tragedy to push for even more guns. McDonnell, Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) and Republican legislators in Oklahoma, Nevada, and South Dakota have embracing the idea of arming adults in schools.

Virginia Senate Minority Leader Richard Saslaw strongly objected to McDonnell’s suggestion, saying, “And when that fails to stop this, what’s next? Arm the students? If teachers wanted to carry guns in order to do their day job, they would have become policemen.”


On Fox News Wednesday, Marshall defended what he termed “a very modest proposal,” explaining, “We’re making a mandate, just like we did requiring them to have someone on campus to be able to administer one of these EpiPens.” When asked by host Neil Cavuto if the armed staffers could themselves be a threat, Marshall noted that “human beings screwed up the Garden of Eden, so nothing is perfect.”

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