Justiceline: January 3, 2013

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  • For the second year in a row, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act with a signing statement expressing objections to several provisions that, among other things, block his ability to close Guantanamo Bay prison, and allow military servicemembers to dodge performing same-sex marriages.
  • Despite criticism of the program and promises for reform, the Los Angeles Police Department is continuing to ticket thousands of students for discipline violations, disproportionately targeting students who are younger than 14 and minorities.
  • Amidst the slew of troubling bills coming out of the Michigan legislature this term was a progressive measure to expunge the records of juvenile offenders that received rare bipartisan support.
  • California Supreme Court Justice Goodwin Liu, whose federal appeals court nomination was filibustered by GOP senators who claimed he would be a radical judge, is still proving to be a model of restraint.
  • In Texas, officers charged with policing the U.S. border are profiting from deals with drug traffickers to aid in moving drugs in and out of the United States.