Connecticut Newspaper Places Gun Show Ad Next To Sandy Hook Story

A local Connecticut newspaper, the Stamford Advocate, has published an advertisement for a gun show next to an article about the reopening of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The article details the resumption of classes for the Newtown, CT students following the death of twenty of their classmates in December’s tragic shooting. The children will now be learning at a former middle school that has been dubbed the new Sandy Hook Elementary.

Next to the story, however, the Advocate chose to run an advertisement for the “8th Annual East Coast Fine Arms Show.” The ad includes pictures of several older gun models and boasts of having “investment quality arms from all eras” available for purchase. The Stamford Advocate has apologized for its ad placement, saying “It’s insensitive, and it shouldn’t have happened. It was an oversight, and we apologize for it.” This isn’t the first time that a newspaper has printed a gun ad next to a story about Sandy Hook, however.

Since the Newtown shooting, advocates for stricter gun control have pressed for closing the “gun show loophole,” which allows private sellers to distribute firearms without any checks on the purchaser. (HT: Buzzfeed)