NRA-Backed Republican Congressman Indicates Support For Ammunition Regulation, Background Checks

Rep. Phil Gingrey (R-GA)

GOP Congressman Phil Gingrey (R-GA) on Friday came out in favor of stronger gun laws, particularly a limit on high-capacity magazines and background check requirements.

Gingrey is backed by the National Rifle Association and received their coveted “A+” rating. Despite the fact that it might cause backlash with the financially powerful organization, Gingrey endorsed such stronger gun laws in an interview with the Marietta Daily Journal:

“There are some problems, and maybe these huge magazines even for someone who says, ‘look, I just use an AR-15 for target practice,’ but do you really need to be standing there shooting at a silhouette a shot a second or even quicker with that kind of weapon? For what purpose?” Gingrey asked. “I would be willing to listen to the possibility of the capacity of a magazine.”

Gingrey, who took the time to praise Adventure Outdoors owner Jay Wallace as the gold standard for running a responsible gun retail business, said he is also open to revisions of the so-called gun show loophole.

“What it is basically, if you go to a gun show and there’s somebody out there in the parking lot, and they’re getting out of their car, and they’ve got an A-15 on their shoulder or …. John Q. Public wants to sell a handgun or whatever, then there’s no background check,” Gingrey said. “You know, you’re buying a used weapon from somebody and then basically no background check.

Gingrey’s position indicates that the stronger gun laws Vice President Biden might suggest on Tuesday will enjoy some level of bipartisans support. It also demonstrates that such measures are sensible, and not specifically “Democratic” proposals.

But while Gingrey might be lauded for his approach to sensible gun laws, he might be damned on other issues. In the same interview, the Congressman floated the idea that Todd “legitimate rape” Akin was “partly right” when he said that a woman cannot get pregnant from rape.