Maine Lawmaker Proposes Arming Teachers

There have already been five school shootings since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, including the shooting yesterday at the Texas Lone Star Community College campus. Lawmakers’ reactions have varied from passing gun violence prevention measures to adopting the National Rifle Association-led initiative to eliminate gun-free zones in schools.

Now, Maine Sen. David Burns (R) is proposing legislation to allow teachers and other school officials to carry concealed weapons, after taking a training course and psychological exam. Burns’ proposal follows other bills popping up around the country to turn teachers into gun carriers, and even one South Carolina bill that would create a gun class for high school students.

These initiatives will inevitably lead to more harm than safer schools, like an armed guard leaving his gun in a student bathroom. Turning teachers into armed citizens is also exactly the opposite of what most Americans want in the wake of Newtown, according to an AP-GfK poll showing 58 percent Americans want stricter anti-gun violence laws.