Justice Ginsburg: ‘If I Had My Way, There Would Be No Death Penalty’

In an interview with a New York classical music station that largely focused on her well-known love of opera, Justice Ginsburg briefly discussed her own stance on the death penalty — and that, if it were up to her, she would abolish it:

Every time I have to participate in a case where someone has been sentenced to death, I feel that same conflict. When you are with a group of nine people, the highest court in the land, you can’t pretend to be king or queen. If I had may way, there would be no death penalty. But the death penalty for now, is the law. But I can say, I won’t participate in those cases, then I would not be an influence.

Despite her opposition to the death penalty, Ginsburg previously indicated that she would not vote to strike down all death sentences, as some of her predecessors did in the past, believing she could have more influence on her pro-death penalty colleagues by remaining engaged in the nuances of individual death penalty cases.