Pennsylvania Republicans Plan Hearings On Their Election-Rigging Plan This Spring

Pennsylvania Senate Majority Leader Domini Pileggi (R)

GOP plans to rig the Electoral College to all but ensure that future presidents will be Republicans have been widely panned even by top GOP lawmakers such as Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and former vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan. Yet Pennsylvania Republicans still plan to move forward with an election-rigging plan that will ensure that a large chunk of Pennsylvania’s electoral votes go to the Republican candidate even though the state voted for the Democratic candidate in every election since 1992.

A spokesperson for Pennsylvania’s Republican Senate Majority Leader Dominic Pileggi tells the Philadelphia Inquirer that hearings will likely begin on Pileggi’s election-rigging plan this spring. According to state Rep. Mike Sturla (D-PA), once Pennsylvania Republicans start the legislative process moving on their election-rigging plan, they can ram it through both houses of the state legislature and have it on GOP Gov. Tom Corbett’s desk in as little as four days.

Under Pileggi’s election-rigging plan, Pennsylvania will allocate most of its electoral votes proportionally — so if the Republican candidate wins 40 percent of the popular vote they will also receive 40 percent of these electors. Meanwhile, red states such as Texas or South Carolina will continue to award 100 percent of their electoral votes to the Republican. Earlier this year, Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus encouraged Republican lawmakers in “states that have been consistently blue that are fully controlled red” to pass election-rigging plans, thus ensuring that red votes remain in Republican hands while many blue votes are also shifted to Republicans: