Idaho Lawmaker Wants To Draft All Adults Into Militias

The National Rifle Association and pro-gun politicians have amped up their fearmongering since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, warning that President Obama’s push for gun regulations like universal background checks is a tyrannical plot to confiscate all guns and possibly impose sharia law over unarmed Americans.

One Idaho legislator is taking this threat seriously. State Sen. Jim Rice (R) proposed a state constitutional amendment on Wednesday to draft all adults into militias to combat any effort by the federal government to alter the Second Amendment and confiscate guns. While conscientious objectors would be allowed to opt out of service, Rice said on Twitter he would expand the draft to men and women of all ages:

While Rice hasn’t offered specific language for his proposed amendment, he indicated that the age and gender requirements would be dropped, making all adults eligible for service.

“Today we held a print hearing on my proposed state constitutional amendment that will eliminate age and gender discrimination from our definition of the state militia,” the lawmaker wrote in a message posted to Twitter. “This will allow the state to backstop the individual right to keep and bear arms in an effective way that is supported by the reasoning in all the U.S. Supreme Court decisions.”

Rice plans to put his proposal up for a vote on Idaho’s 2014 general ballot. The amendment is just the latest in state-level efforts against even basic federal gun regulation. Several states have passed laws to nullify federal law and criminalize police officers who try to enforce federal law. Despite the hysterical reactions from pro-gun lawmakers, the majority of Americans, including gun owners, support the measures included in Obama’s gun violence prevention plan, including universal background checks, a ban on high capacity magazine sales, and closing the gun show loophole. Nowhere in the president’s plan does he call for the confiscation of weapons.