Data Shows Black Male College Enrollment Spiked Sharply In Last Decade

An examination of college enrollment data by Howard University Professor Ivory A. Toldson finds a sharp spike in college enrollment among black men — “a 108.5 percent jump in black male college enrollment from 2001 to 2011.” According to Toldson, “[t]he raw numbers show that enrollment of black males increased from 693,044 in 2001 to 1,445,194 in 2011.” As he explains, this data also gives the lie to a common claim that there are more African-American men in prison than in higher education:

As Toldson points out, however, not all of this gain in black male college enrollment is real, as colleges and universities do a better job of reporting enrollment data than they did ten years ago. Toldson also warns that a “lack of adequate guidance and academic rigor in high schools” leads to black men being underrepresented at competitive universities.

It’s also worth noting that Toldson attributes some of the gain to for-profit colleges, many of which are nothing more than scams.

(HT: Jamelle Bouie)