Utah Lawmaker: Cockfighting Can’t Be A Felony Because Abortion Is Legal

Cockfighting is a barbaric activity where roosters specifically bred for aggression are placed in a ring and often forced to fight to the death. In many cases, the birds are loaded up with steroids, and sharp knives or other weapons are strapped to their legs in order to make them more deadly to their opponent. And yet, this brutal bloodsport cannot be a felony, according to one Utah lawmaker, because abortion:

In a state where we can still allow people to kill their babies, we want to make it a felony to let chickens fight for the purpose of which they were raised,” said Sen. Allen Christensen, R-North Ogden.

Christensen said cockfighting is not “beautiful” or “wonderful.” But the birds “naturally want to do this thing in their lives and we’re going to send their owners to prison for this, yet we allow people to go ahead and murder their unborn babies.”

Despite Christensen’s odd objection, the bill was preliminarily approved by a 17-11 vote. It will receive a final vote in the state senate later this week.