Sheriff Arpaio Recall Effort Gains 120,000 Signatures

A group behind the effort to recall infamous Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpiao says it has gathered roughly one-third of the signatures required for a recall election.

So far, Respect Arizona has collected 120,000 of the 335,000 signatures needed by the May 30 cut-off date. The petition reads:

“We believe Sheriff Arpaio has failed to fulfill his duties as Maricopa County’s top law enforcement official. We believe Sheriff Arpaio has violated our trust and dignity as citizens because too many people have suffered as a result of Sheriff Arpaio’s abusive practices and policies. We believe business owners should not be unfairly harassed, workers unlawfully detained and families unjustly torn apart. We believe too many lawsuits have been filed and too many lives have been lost. We believe our children deserve a Sheriff that respects families, immigrants and Latinos. We believe Sheriff Arpaio should respect, defend and protect the rights guaranteed under the US Constitution because no one — not even a Sheriff — is above the law. No election victory can excuse or make right the unlawful acts that have occurred under Sheriff Arpaio’s leadership.”

Arpaio is best known as an anti-Latino, anti-immigration sheriff. Some of his antics include arming deputies with automatic weapons to prevent so-called “illegals” from escaping and recruiting Steven Segal to train vigilantes. He has also battled several lawsuits alleging he misused government funds and violated civil rights.

As the recall effort gains ground, Arpaio’s supporters are not idling. His Tea Party backers have named Arpaio’s opponents “domestic terrorists,” and formed “shadow armies” to combat the recall, placing volunteers in areas where Respect Arizona will gather signatures.