Just 7 Percent Of Georgia Governor’s Appointees Are Black, 30 Percent of Georgians Are Black

Earlier this month Gov. Nathan Deal (R-GA) called a request for him to support integrating a still-segregated school prom in Wilcox County, Georgia a “silly publicity stunt,” and he later labeled the segregated prom quesiton a “private issue[], and not something that the state government needs to have its finger involved in.”

Perhaps he would feel differently if he surrounded himself with more diverse appointments.

Despite the fact that nearly one-third of Georgians are African-American, only a tiny fraction of Deal’s appointees are black. According to a recent report on the Deal Administration, African-Americans accounted for just over 7 percent of Deal’s appointments, and nearly 90 percent are white. The same report found that 70 percent of his appointees are men.