Biden: ‘There Should Be Two Senators From The State Of D.C.’

(Credit: DC Vote)

The conservative Weekly Standard flags a pool report where Vice President Joe Biden is quoted saying “there should be two senators from the state of D.C.,” a possibility the conservative magazine likely finds very concerning because, as they point out, “[t]wo new U.S. senators from Washington, D.C. would almost surely be Democrats.”

DC is, indeed, likely to elect Democrats, just like the state of Wyoming tends to elect Republicans. Yet we do not deny representation to the 576,412 people who live in Wyoming for partisan reasons or for any other. Significantly more people live in DC (632,323), than live in Wyoming, and DC’s population also exceeds the 626,011 people who live in Vermont. As Biden suggests, it is difficult to justify treating Americans who live in Wyoming or Vermont as if they are more worthy of representation than Americans who live in the nation’s capitol.