GOP Senate Candidate Freaks Out Over Gun Ad, Claims Opponent Is Blaming Him For Newtown

Senate nominee Gabriel Gomez (R-MA)

Senate nominee Gabriel Gomez (R-MA)

Gabriel Gomez, the Republican nominee to fill John Kerry’s open Senate seat in Massachusetts, Tweeted a stunning attack against his opponent Friday, claiming, without any apparent justification, that a campaign ad by Rep. Ed Markey (D) blamed him personally for the Newtown shooting.

Markey’s ad correctly notes that Gomez opposes a federal assault weapons ban and is also against a ban on high-capacity magazines. Gomez has explained his opposition to such weapon restrictions, saying “If they [gun buyers] all the checks and they’re qualified to use a weapon, I don’t think we need to restrict what kind of weapon they use.”

From the ad, titled “Clear Differences”:

NARRATOR: Real differences in the race for Senate: Ed Markey has taken on the NRA. He’ll continue to fight for common-sense laws to stop gun violence. And Gabriel Gomez? Gomez is against banning assault weapons.

GOMEZ (in clip): I don’t believe that we need to do an assault weapon ban.

NARRATOR: And Gomez is against banning high capacity magazines, like the ones used in the Newtown school shooting.

GOMEZ (in clip): I don’t believe that you should have a limit on the high-capacity magazines.

NARRATOR: The more you know, the clearer the choice.

Watch the spot:

Gomez tweeted Friday:

In a press release making the same charges, Gomez also inaccurately claims: “The only gun measure before Congress is the Toomey-Manchin proposal for expanded background checks which, just as I do, Congressman Markey supports.” The Senate voted on an assault weapons ban and magazine restrictions last month, at the same time as the minority blocked expanded background checks.

In a January letter, asking for Gov. Deval Patrick (D) to appoint him to the vacant Senate seat, Gomez contradicted his current position, writing: “Two main issues that will dominate the political discussion during this appointment will be Immigration Reform and Gun Control. Given my Latino and Navy SEAL background, I have credibility to contribute thoughtfully on these issues. I support the positions that President Obama has taken on these issues and you can be assured I will keep my word and work on these issues as I have promised.”