POLL: Just 21 Percent of North Carolinians Want Guns In Schools

While North Carolina’s GOP-run legislature moves to loosen state gun restrictions — including relaxing prohibitions on guns in education facilities — a new poll of state voters finds little support for their proposal.

When asked whether they “support or oppose a bill that would allow guns on all educational properties and that would eliminate the requirement for permits for handguns,” a decisive 66 percent of NC voters told PPP they opposed the idea. Just 21 percent said they supported the idea.

Even among those voters who indicated that they’d voted for Mitt Romney in last year’s presidential election, just 32 percent backed the bill and 51 percent opposed it.

Campus administrators have objected to the proposal, as have campus police chiefs. The National Rifle Association backs the bill, which has been endorsed by both the North Carolina House and Senate, mostly along party lines.