Company Behind Bleeding ‘Ex-Girlfriend’ Shooting Target Now Offering ‘Gun Control Lobbyist’ Target

Zombie Industries, a company that specializes in shooting targets that bleed when the owner riddles them with bullets, is now letting gun owners who fantasize about mowing down their political opponents live that dream. The company’s latest product is a “Gun Control Lobbyist Zombie” target, which is sure to provide NRA stalwarts with hours of entertainment as they imagine what it would be like to have advocates for universal background checks staring up the wrong end of an assault rifle:

Until recently, this company also offered shooters an opportunity to enact their violent revenge fantasies against women who don’t want to sleep with them anymore. Earlier this year, the company announced that it would discontinue an “ex-girlfriend” mannequin (and redesign it so that it had green skin) that, like the lobbyist target, bled when shot:

The company is still selling a target named “Rocky Zombie,” which bears a striking resemblance to President Obama.