‘Moral Monday’ Protester Arrests Hit 900

Seventy progressive protesters were arrested outside of the North Carolina General Assembly on Monday, bringing the total number of protester arrests during this year’s legislative session in the state to about 900.

The protesters were taking part in ‘Moral Monday’ protests — massive demonstrations that have flown largely under the radar of the national press. The demonstrations have occurred every Monday since April 29, drawing hundreds of clergy and faith leaders, and broad participation from organizing groups including the NAACP and the AFL-CIO.

What are they protesting? The radical right-wing agenda of the North Carolina Republicans, who, with control of both legislative chambers for the first time since 1870, have pushed through increasingly extreme measures this legislative season.

Legislators have blocked the expansion of Medicaid, created new voter supression efforts through voter ID laws, gutted education funding, approved fracking, and, most recently, raised taxes on the poorest North Carolinians with only 25 minutes of debate.