African American Support For The Supreme Court Tanks After Court Stomps Voting Rights

(Credit: Associated Press)

Last March, before the Supreme Court neutered a key prong of the Voting Rights Act, 61 percent of African Americans viewed the Supreme Court favorably and less than one quarter had an unfavorable opinion. In the wake of the five Republican justices’ voting rights decision, however, black support for the Court dropped precipitously. According to a Pew poll, 44 percent of American Americans now have a favorable impression of the Court and 41 view it unfavorably.

Almost immediately after Chief Justice John Roberts announced the Court’s decision gutting much of the Voting Rights Act, conservative lawmakers started moving forward with voter suppression plans. Texas’ attorney general announced that his state’s voter ID law would take effect just two hours after the Supreme Court’s decision — and several other states were close behind. Arizona Republicans launched a push for less “competitive” voting districts in the wake of the decision. And North Carolina Republicans are about to enact the worst voter suppression bill in the nation.