Arkansas School To Arm Over 20 Teachers And Other Employees


schoolgunsMore than 20 teachers, administrators and other school employees will carry a concealed firearm at Arkansas’ Clarksville High School once classes resume later this month. The educators will undergo a 53 hour training course, and the school will spend over $70,000 to train and arm them — more than enough to hire an highly experienced teacher.

While the purpose of this program is to ensure that someone is on hand with a gun in the unlikely event that Clarksville is the target of a school shooting, armed teachers could easily wind up making a real or imagined tragedy even worse. Last year, nine innocent bystanders were struck by New York police bullets after they were caught in a firefight with an armed assailant believed to have recently murdered his former co-worker. If highly trained police officers required to pass a semi-annual test to prove they marksmanship skills could wind up striking so many innocents, it is not difficult to imagine what could happen if the same weapon were placed in the hands of a schoolteacher who just completed a brief training course.

(HT: Josh Voorhees)