Top Ten Protester Signs From North Carolina’s ‘Moral Monday’ On The Road



CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — Thousands of North Carolina residents took to the streets of Charlotte Monday night to protest the state legislature’s “anti-voting” bill, drastic cuts to education, and many other items on the right-wing legislature’s list of terrible ideas. An estimated 2,000 North Carolinians inaugurated the first Moral Monday in Charlotte, as protesters organize events around the state to pressure Republican legislators in their home districts.

Rev. Duane Walker warned the crowd about the “immoral” policies advanced by the state legislature, such as the voter ID requirement, which “seems intent on making life wonderful for a select few at the expense of the many” and “wreaking havoc on black people,” as well as students, women, the disabled, and the poor.

Terry Johnson told the crowd about her experience being unemployed and trying to make ends meet on the meager unemployment benefits the state now provides. Johnson noted that North Carolina was the only state to reject federal funds for unemployment benefits. She said that by cutting aid to the neediest citizens, the state legislators are “stealing food from our table.”

Rev. Walker urged the crowd to vote, so the state can avoid a repeat of 2010, when Republicans took over the state government for the first time in more than 100 years. “We can do something about this,” he said. “If an ID is required to vote, get your ID and go vote…no matter how long the line.” Here are some of the signs protesters carried: