Over The Line: Texas Company Drums Up Business With Fake Abduction Of Hogtied Woman


A Waco, Texas company that specializes in realistic vehicle decals decided to advertise their business by fixing a provocative tailgate sticker on a truck belonging to one of its employees. Regrettably, the image they selected was a quite believable picture of a helpless woman whose been tied up and tossed in the truck bed:

abducted woman truck sticker

The decal led several Waco residents to call the police, believing that they were witnessing a live kidnapping and not the optical illusion created by the decal.

A local news report on the abducted woman decal also depicts similar decals from the same company featuring realistic images of a military sniper lying in the back of a truck, and of a zombie rising from another truck bed. So the company is fully capable of producing eye-grabbing images that would promote its product without depicting violence against women in order to drive up sales.