Senate Republican Campaign Committee Touts Birther Site To Attack Obama


In a Monday morning newsletter, the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee prominently featured a website known to promote far-right conspiracy theories, including the “birther” theory that President Obama forged his birth certificate. To make the case that the president is an “amatuer [sic]” on Syria and foreign policy, NRSC communications director Brad Dayspring offered wisdom from Thomas Lifson, editor of the American Thinker, a birther website:


Lifson’s American Thinker promoted Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s birther investigation. It claimed that Obama’s birth certificate was “digitally manufactured” and that the falsity of the President’s birth certificate “has been proved beyond question.”

Meanwhile, Lifson himself touted the birther myth, and he’s even suggested that Michele Obama is a birther herself , citing what he calls a “rather whiny harangue” about the Obamas’ student debt. Lifson’s site often gets traction in the far-right, conspiracy, and racist corners of the web.

Just last week, Dayspring came under attack for sexist remarks regarding a female Senate candidate, calling her an “empty dress” that “babbles incoherently.” Now he’s graduated to promoting the work of birthers.