Newtown Unanimously Passes Measure To Regulate Recreational Shooting


Newtown-Vigil-Photo-e1360683901802After more than a year and hundreds of hours of testimony, a version of a Newtown gun ordinance first proposed before the December 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School has been adopted unanimously by the town’s Legislative Council.

The compromise measure, which encountered significant resistance before tragedy struck the town, addresses recreational shooting and does not apply to hunting, in a town that is home to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. It gives shooters four hours after notifying the police to use their firearms, and such recreational shooting can only occur one person at a time, at set distances from the target, neighboring properties, and any school, according to the News Times.

Connecticut also passed a historic new gun law this spring to improve safety in its borders, and several other states have taken the lead on this issue. But with an NRA chokehold blocking congressional action, no real national progress has been achieved in thwarting the transfer of illegal guns to those who may pose the greatest danger.